Future work

Short term

  • RTT-based communities: extend support to add NO_EXPORT / NO_ADVERTISE

  • Informative community with the measured RTT of the announcing peer

  • New feature: CLI option to build configs based on templates/groups only and avoid client specific settings

Mid term

  • New feature: group clients by AFI/ASN (OpenBGPD only)

  • Split configuration in multiple files

  • Doc: better documentation

  • Doc: contributing section

  • Doc: schema of data that can be used within J2 templates

Long term

  • New feature: routing policies based on RPSL import-via/export-via

  • New feature: other BGP speakers support (GoBGP, …)

  • New feature: balance clients among n different configurations (for multiple processes - see Scaling BIRD Routeservers)