RFC8950 scenario

A scenario to test announcements of IPv4 routes with an IPv6 NEXT_HOP, over an IPv6 session.


  • AS1_v4_route1: accepted.

  • AS1_v4_route2: rejected, not in IRR data.

  • AS1_v4_route3, announced by AS1_1 with AS1_2 NEXT_HOP: rejected.

  • AS1_v4_route4: accepted (white list - pref).

  • AS1_v4_route5: accepted (white list - route).

  • AS1_v4_route7: accepted (ARIN Whois).

  • AS1_v4_route8: accepted (RegistroBR).

  • AS1_v4_route9: rejected (RPKI BOV AS0).

  • AS1_v4_route10: accepted (RPKI BOV VALID).

  • AS1_v4_route11: rejected (RPKI BOC INVALID).

  • AS1_v4_route13: accepted (/8, within the ipv4_pref_len range).

  • AS1_v4_route14: reject (/25, outise the ipv4_pref_len range).


  • AS1_v4_route6: announced with AS1_1 NEXT_HOP: accepted (same-as).


  • AS2_v4_route12: accepted (NEXT_HOP authorized-next-hop)